Well for last few days I was having problem on mu ubuntu system. When I am logged in as root I press some text and press tab it give me suggestion of files and folder but for user auto completion was not working but any how after long search I got the result and solved it.

Well you need to login with root and open this file

pico /etc/passwd
vi /etc/passwd
emacs /etc/passwd

Note: open file Depends on your editor software available on your ubuntu

Search your user
Replace with this

Now login with your user auto complete will work.

One thought on “Ubuntu User auto completation problem solved”

  1. well, you have to make them yourself. I am cutlrnery not aware of any PHP framework (other than my own 😉 that would tackle the problem in this way.But it should be really easy to do. The tricky part is making this option easy to use and all other options as difficult as possible so you are never tempted to make a shortcut .@Wim: that’s ok, array is not supposed to be there anyway. Notice is generated only for malicious users and (in properly configured system) is not even displayed it just ends up in your logs. No harm done.

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