When I meet new people They ask my name and as usual I am ready to give answer. They will come up with another question. “Subikar Your name is unique and what is the meaning of your name?”:)

I smile and say subikar: Those who do good for all.

I got this meaning from one of my college friend elder sister. One day I went to my firend home and they ask me my name and then the meaningĀ  of my name. Till I was not aware of my name meaning and I always ask my father. What name you have given that don’t have any meaning. That day was my big day for me. Someone came out of room that is my friend sister.

ahh I know the meaning of this name “Those who do good for everyone”. I suddenly saw her and said thank you didi for finding my name meaning. And from then I started to say this meaning. Still I am not sure whether my name meaning isĀ  correct or not.

But I am happy I got something….

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