This is a short story a year back. I am designing a floating orkut system. Where user can scrap to other, can plan for there next blog post, can send private message to author of the blog and many more. At that time my boss Aji Issac Mathew plan to buy a domain for this tool. Today this tool is quite famous most of the blogger are using this tool and happy. Now the next phase of myblogplanner releasing now you will get thing here to do. Plan your blog to scrap your friend send private message to add your friend in your friend list. You can add video, audio, share your knowledge to other and make your blog known to the world a little time expand.

I hope you will enjoy to became part of this community and stay forever.

Best of luck

One thought on “My Blog Planner story”

  1. I have visited earlier this site but not quite informatics but now I understood what is the purpose of this project. Its great I like to be the easy member of this site.

    Best regards, 🙂

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