This is Subikar, an IT professional trying to run a website for the common net-savvy people . I have taken this decision only after being in the web-development industry for over 2 years. I have chosen the ‘myblogplanner’ domain as a platform, wherein I would be able to support the users with all the functionalities of the web-world & they might grasp it quite smoothly. I do not wish to say muchamidst the development of my site , but would like to have more of such opportunities ahead of us. It would just take a week’s time before I could launch this platform in order to let you feel the buzz around a newborn community!

My Blog Planner Blog

4 thoughts on “My Blog planner first post.”

  1. Your blog is wonderful and a smart one. Make different type of posts that can really give us enjoyment and is far from all boundaries.

  2. That’s great opportunity for the blogger and web master I hope your concept will be live in a short period and i would be happy to be part of this community:)

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