Do you want to sell your one product a day. Also your customer can bid on that product and can buy the product.

Simply gain your product accessability much easier to customer and get best price for your product.

I have built a new script like that If you are interested on it you can simply check out by clicking here

Feature Available for this script.

1. Add product according to the date available.

2. Add 5 different bid price.

3. Add shipping for each product/ Or you can use any shipping module you like.

3. Credit Card, Pay pal ,, Bank Payment Facility.

4. If Highest bidder do not buy the product the product will just transfer to the second highest bidder. That wil help you to get sure shot customer to sell your product.

5. Deals will automatically close with auto program and choose bidder.

6. The product which are not sold will be shown in prvious work gallery.

7. If customer directly buy just clicking on highest bid the product wil be locked for sell.

There are more features are there. For more inquiries Contact

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